Striking It Rich

A new report suggests that content creators are being shortchanged by the streaming oil rush. Their profit margins are being slashed as massive media entities control the pipes through which content is self-produced and distributed. But that has not stopped these pumped-up conglomerates from doing licensing deals in different territories. If anything, the dealmaking options are wider than ever before – and also more convoluted. Question is whether there will also be blood.

2021: Global Showdown

We kick off 2021 with ten big talking points for the year ahead. If 2020 was when housebound consumers and content providers alike contemplated The New Normal, 2021 will be when the competition really hots up as the largest groups in Hollywood and Silicon Valley seek to exert their grip on the future of entertainment. It’s a battle of the super-heavyweights that will rapidly shift to every far-flung corner of the streaming planet in the coming months.